Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sydney Day 5

After our late evening flight back to Sydney....we headed back to our suite and then headed for a look around the casino. Up early the next morning and we headed off to take a bus tour around Sydney aiming to go up to world famous Bondi Beach. Sydney is a really pretty city with lots of history and character. Bondi was a little cold and blustery by the time we got there and not a blonde bikini babe in sight or some muscle bound Australian beefcake. The bus brought us back around to town where we caught a cab back to the hotel to change up for dinner with our good friends Alison and Stuart who comp'ed us the room...and my cousin Keith! Strange...we go all the way to Australia and our big engagement dinner is......CHINESE! A great nite out on the town in the casino with lovely friends before we pack up the next day and head back to sunny Singapore as a happily engaged couple!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tasmania Day 4

Well.....its been ages since I blogged so as I watch Japan and Paraguay run a listless game, I thought I would update my blog with the 4 day of our Australian trip....and the first day after my engagement! Yup! I am officially engaged!A early morning breakfast....a nice long walk around Swansea and followed by a drive up to the national park and the awesome spectacle of Wineglass Bay for lunch before we left back to Sydney and our last nite out on the town there! The sheer natural beauty of Tasmania will always hold a special place in our hearts and I am sure we will one day go back to visit!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tasmania Day 3

It was a real early flight from Sydney "across the ditch" as the Aussies put Tasmania. I have been talking and promising to visit my Godfather Clive for nearly 35 years...and finally I made it! After picking us up at the really provincial airport....we went off for a drive arount Hobart and to check out the museum. A yummy local seafood lunch by the piers and then up to Mount Wellington! Talk about COLD!!! Thogether with the wind chill....I figure that the thermometer dipped to below zero! A little snow fight between us as Godfather kept warm in the car and then off we went to Swansea to his little slice of paradise. A typical country house with a beautiful garden....cute dogs and of course Min and Greer. It was the perfect setting for our engagement which sure took the family by supprise! I think my Godfather was really really proud and I could not have asked for a more memorable place to pop the question. Then standing under the clear Tasman sky with stars sparkling made it a perfect nite (not in the town) but in the garden!

Australia Day 2

Its been quite a while since I blogged so thought I would do a quick and much delayed update on our trip to Australia. Day 2 started real early for us as I had booked what has been much touted as the "Must DO" thing in Sydney...and that is to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I had booked our slot way in advance to make sure we had one and it sure wasnt cheap....but quite worth the experience! We had a real funny climb master and the headsets supplied was constantly filled with little tidbits of information and jokes. As we hit the top....we had quite a fantastic view of the Sydney Harbour and the Opera House....beautiful! They really know how to milk you with especially since you cannot take your own camera up there and they charge you about $25 bucks a photo..and since you made such a trip and climbed all the naturally take them all! After the trip we took the ferry over to Manly for lunch. We really wanted to try the famous Australian Fish and Chips and what a meal it was! The chip shop was fantastic and the food was enuff to fill us twice over. Manly was like a different world...a little touristy but laid back. Well....back to Sydney...a spot of shopping, checked out the casino and a early nite (not out on the town) in view of our really really really early flight to Tasmania.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Something that I think I have seen in my head on my many nites out on the town after my 8th bottle of champagne.......Wishing all my friends and family a very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Big Climb Down Under

So...when U google things that you just got to do down under, the first one that comes up is the Sydney Harbour Bridge before we went...I made a booking to ensure we took part of this experience. Mind is not cheap...but considering it is one of the icon's of Australia...and that I wanted to make this trip totally something special and to be remembered, I decided that this would be one trip that I would splurge on. Up the bridge we went...and what a view we got!!! Totally worth the climb! Coming down from the climb...we decided to head off on the ferry to Manly and check it out. One of my colleagues said that it was another one of the "must do" things when in off we went to check out the beach and have their fish and chips! was like no fish and chips that I have ever had with fresh prawns, oysters, muscles...just totally fantastic! We spend a quiet evening walking Darling Harbour doing a spot of shopping and a early nite in anticipation for our very early flight to visit my godfather over in Tasmania the next day.

In Support Of Family

I have heard that my closest cousin seems to be facing some tough times with his blog. Knowing him for all my life...remembering his drawings when I was a kid (I always wanted to draw like you cuz) and that he spent alot of his working life as a journalist....he has always had a creative bent. He has always been a little different, living life a little askewed and on his own terms...a little bit of the rebel (no wonder he was involved with Harley Davidson!!!)...and much much more. I have always looked up to him...and without a doubt, would not be the person I am and where I am in life now without his quiet support. So from across our little bridge Cuz.....know that you are loved and that I offer my love, support and encouragement! Cannot wait for us to have another nite out on the town soon!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sydney Day 1

Its been a long while since I last blogged....bogged down with work....and just too tired to put fingers to the laptop to come up with a entry and just not having any creative juices left in me for the weekend...But this being a long weekend and with my baby still fast asleep in bed (kind of...she kicks and tosses around quite a bit)....I thought I would just drop in a new post with some pictures of the trip to Sydney! We had a fantastic suite at the Star City Hotel and Casino with the most beautiful view thats to Stuart...and Mind you we did not really have many big nights out on the town in Sydney but I must say we enjoyed the times we did! Oh....and the food there is fantastic. The oysters at Peony down at The Rocks are to die for!!! I could just eat my way through that town!!!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I am Engaged!!!

Its been ages since I updated my has been totally nuts with our opening looming....but a fantastic new exciting chapter in my life has begun! I am officially ENGAGED!!! Yes....we went off to Sydney and then went over to visit Godpa Clive...and that first night in his quaint house with the beautiful garden, I went on my knees and asked my darling Sylvia to marry me...and she accepted!!! My nites on the town will never be the there will be the two of us to share our days...and nights!